11 Easy Ways You Can Save Money On Wedding Dress Shopping

Looking for cheap wedding dresses? It is totally understandable that most brides spend heavily on their wedding gowns. But you don’t need to be like them. You may not have all that money and after all, what’s the point of using up a fortune on a single-use gown?

You might be having a constrained budget for your wedding or you just don’t like an extravagant lifestyle. Relax, because there are various options for cheap wedding dresses. Courtesy of online bridal shops, together with modern selections and unconventional designs, you can save tons of dollars on your matrimonial gown. You don’t have to start your marriage while broke; begin it on the right foot by saving your finances.

To save big on your special attire, you must think outside boutique shopping to find more surprising options.

1. Second-hand Cheap wedding dresses


No woman wears her wedding gown twice. It’s amazing how brides spend a premium on gowns they wear for 6 hours only. Rest assured that if you get a second-hand wedding dress, it will be flawless and as good as brand new. You can actually bargain and acquire a second-hand gown 50% off the initial cost. Such dresses are found at most of the local online classifieds as well as consignment stores.

As far as the online market is concerned, you are sure to find a wedding dress of your dreams. Secondhand inventory comes with good discounts. As you go through these options, be sure to check the details carefully such as cleanliness and storage. You want a gown that has been cleaned professionally and boxed as opposed to hanging. Hanged clothes are often in bad conditions due to sun exposure which causes discoloration and moth contamination.

Consider a few things before you start hunting for a secondhand wedding attires. Take note of your body size and do not forget your personal preferences. Try a few designs at your local boutique to get an idea of the best fit.

After finding the secondhand gown, make sure it fits your body and find out what adjustment you need to take. Simple fixes should not cost you much but then you need to find a good dressmaker who will not mess up with the original design. Maybe you will need an extra bra cup or bustle. Note that the adjustments could be more expensive than normal tailoring since a lot of skills and keenness are needed. 


2. Choose simplicity

A simple elegant dress without too many embellishments comes at a lower price tag. Certain features like beads, rhinestones, pearls, and laces can increase the cost of a gown. Instead, you can use your accessories to glam up your looks. Avoid too much embroidery designs and beadings but opt for minimum and cost-friendly styles. If all you need is a bling, you can buy a simple dress and then look for a sparkling brooch to add the glitter. Don’t be afraid to have fun with accessories from shoes to headpiece; they can add the wow factor you are just looking for.

When it comes to wedding designs, embellishments always come at an extra cost. If you don’t like these adornments, then you are on the safe side of your budget. As a matter of fact being a glamorous bride is not about wearing a fussy dress. If you visit a bridal boutique, let the consultant know that you are looking for a minimalist look. That is a classic but simple silhouette that will keep you in line with your budget. 

Having a specific criterion for choosing a wedding dress simplifies your shopping will not only save your budget but your time as well. You want to eliminate the sheer number of dresses that seem to fit you but are too costly. A good tip is to search a collection of gowns with a single fabric like chiffon of satin and a few adornments.

If you still feel like you cannot wear a wedding dress without a little sassiness, try any of the following cheap options. You can add them after purchasing the gown:

  • Cuff bracelet
  • Classic wedding bouquet
  • Statement stilettos
  • Bejeweled headpiece
  • Lace jacket or bolero
  • Big drop-style earrings
  • Blue-colored shoes or necklace
  • Sparkling cocktail ring
  • Colorful sash
  • Vintage veil designed in small embellishments and seed pearls

As you can see, accessories can help you make a fashion statement. Start by choosing a simple gown; then add your personal touches that will transform you into a glamorous bride.

3. Time your shopping

During the two extreme seasons of the year, wedding dress designers and consultants offer mega-sales to create space for the upcoming season’s stock. if you have your eyes on a particular expensive wedding dress, this is the right time to bargain for it; you might get a 70% discount. You will be luckier if you have a size eight body. But it is best to wait till customers stop flocking to these special offers.

Wedding dresses are like swimsuits when it comes to seasonal sales. Most weddings happen during spring and summer. If you can start shopping during the off-season, you have a higher chance of scoring a wonderful deal. For instance, strapless and light wedding dresses are likely to sell cheap during winter or autumn. You can always add a jacket or bolero to cover yourself up if you will be getting married in cold weather.

It is common for bridal shops to clear their stock towards the end of every season. Take advantage of these times to get the wedding dress of your dream. Don’t forget to do it early in advance in case you need to make adjustments. Think about shopping in January when the wedding mood has cooled off if your wedding is in April.

4. Look for sample dresses

Brides normally try wedding gowns in boutiques. These dresses are slightly worn and retailers sell them at discounted prices. Often, boutiques make sample sale blowouts; stay updated so you don’t miss the next upcoming sale. You don’t have to wait for a blowout- you can purchase a sample in advance. Simply ask the retailer how much particular sample costs and order it. Note that the dress is not new and you will need to make the necessary alterations and washing. 

Cheap wedding dresses might have signs of wear and tear around necklines, hems, and closures. Check l for such imperfections and take the gown to a good tailor for mending. If you spot any stain, fallen embellishments, or broken zip, request for a price reduction from the boutique owner. Another advantage of a sample dress is that you get to take it the same day you pick it, without going through the normal ordering process. 

5. Opt for a  casual silhouette

When you have a destination wedding ahead, you can forego the formalities and consider a cocktail dress with a bit of color. Then you can add some fanciful elements like a colorful sash or an elegant shrug.

If you cannot afford a full-length wedding dress, you can choose a casual design with a simple shape. Dresses constructed in more fabric cost multiple times higher than those made of one type of fabric. While sophisticated designs with numerous yards look great, a simple sheath gown of the same fabric can save you a lot of bucks.

A purely white dress is not always the only viable option for a wedding. You can try some beautiful pastel and it will still look good on you. The more inclined to formality, the more you will pay for the dress. To keep your budget in check, look for a dashing casual gown.

6. Check the wedding lines from different retailers

Some decades ago, the only way you could check prices of various dresses was by visiting a wedding dress boutique. However, today’s bridal retailers provide wedding lines with a range of styles and prices that are less costly in comparison with boutique pricing. While traditional boutiques provide a wider range of styles to choose from than retail stores, retail shopping is perfect for brides who want to save their money on wedding gowns. Part of the reason retail stores give cheap offers is that less expensive fabrics are used in the production of wedding dresses. The savings of mass production finally pass on to brides. For example, a chiffon dress from retail factory costs less than a lace dress from a boutique.

7. Order from a dressmaker

A custom-made dress is another cheaper option for obtaining a wedding gown. Since a dressmaker doesn’t juggle between a manufacturer and a retailer, you only pay for the labor, fabric, and embellishments if any. Check your local listing s to find a good seamstress who can design a gown just for you. As you check for online dressmakers, you will come across various hand-made designs with a range of prices. After deciding on the right tailor, give out your body measurements so you can get a custom-made gown.

Before committing to a dressmaker, check the reviews from previous brides to ensure that you are receiving a service from a reputable seller. If the tailor doesn’t have a web page, ask for referees or inquire form your friends. Communication is key if you choose this path- let the dressmaker know your exact wedding date so they can deliver on time. Check the turnaround time if you are on a tight timeline.

8. Borrow a gown

If you share a body size with a friend or family member who had a wedding, you might want to borrow their dress. This option is absolutely free. Your sister in law might be thrilled to share a gown with you that you’ll wear as you wed her brother. Note that wedding gowns have a great sentimental value and some people might not want to lend you; in which case you should take no offense. And when another woman agrees to lend you her precious gown, take care of it by cleaning it professionally immediately after your wedding.

9. Rent a gown

A rental service gives an opportunity to use a dress on your wedding day at a fee. If you know of a local service, visit the place to check which gown best suits you. There are also countless rental gowns online which, upon your order, can be shipped right to you. Make a thorough research on the local bridal stores to compare different prices.

Perhaps the only way you can acquire a dream wedding dress is by renting. Go ahead and check various sites. Note that you will be charged extra if you stay with the gown too long. When you are done, make sure you ship back the dress to the address includes in the prepaid box. Unlike a borrowed gown, you don’t have to worry about cleaning a rented gown. Don’t forget to use a service that will not charge for shipping back a gown that is not fitting.

10. Consider A Corset Back

It is important that you remain flexible if you want to find a cheap wedding dress. Do not be rigid in terms of styles.  A corset design is elegant and easier to adjust, unlike dresses with zipper backs or buttons. You might be worried about gaining or losing weight before your wedding day; with a corset back, all you need is to loosen or tighten the lace-up design. It is another way of saving on adjustments and alterations which normally cost a lot.

11. Bargain

If your negotiation skills are superior, you might bring a higher price down. Do not be afraid to exercise your bargaining power even when you are shopping at exquisite places. You can buy a sample dress for instance at a steep discount if you bargain persistently. You should also ask for discounts even when it comes to purchasing accessories like shoes, veil, gloves, and hairpieces. You can only receive what you ask for. Moreover, you have nothing to lose by asking for a price reduction. If you meet a dress consultant working on commission, you have a better chance because these people would rather give discounts than lose sales completely.

Final Word

In as much as a wedding is one of your life’s greatest moments, you don’t have to enter into marriage with debts. Think about how you can save money for your new home by choosing the cheaper options for your wedding gown. You still want to look and feel marvellous and so you need a perfect bridal dress.

Say no to shopping habits where you end up falling in love with a gorgeous gown that costs four times your intended budget. Truth is, you will come across stunning wedding dresses but they are costly. That’s the reason saving on a wedding dress seems like close to impossibility.

But as you can see, there are many ways to get cheap wedding dresses without compromising on quality and style. These methods are tried and tested; be a smart bride and save money for your upcoming marriage life.

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